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Staircase to Nowhere

March 3, 2008

Staircase to Nowhere

Flickr user yushimoto_02 [christian] took these photos of this fantastic staircase/sculpture in Munich, Germany.



Electroluminecent Tree Lamp

December 2, 2007

From London based design firm Nimble Critters:

“ETree is an electroluminescent lamp which invites the user to interact with it by moving its strands of light and playing with them.”

Link: Nimble Critters

Bench seat made from pencils.

December 2, 2007

Pencil Bench

From their website:

“Boex 3D Creative Solutions designed this award winning, quirky bench from a single conversation to see if they could incorporate an everyday office object into a piece of furniture.

The seat is made up of 1600 pencils which are individually sprung. Each pencil can be removed and used.”

Link: Boex 3D Creative Solutions Pencil Bench